Listed below are some of the past and present projects going on at Power Garage.

31 Model A / Paul Sr.TV is peculiar; it definitely creates a world of its own ... But for us it did create the opportunity to make this fun little hot rod. In a crazy amount of time, the guys from the Speed Shop hustled and produced this great early Hemi-powered, channeled, slightly chopped, East Coast-ish style 50s show rod.   Even though the time frame was completely nuts, we didn't hold back and everyone came together with some great ideas. It was a fun build. We look forward to building more hot rods like this in the future.   ** Look for it in Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated Issue #33 **
Triumph TR4 WORKS descrition
54 Chevy / Jeff Eber Many of our projects have a past, some customized in the 50s and 60s and some stalled out projects from other shops. This one was the latter; Jeff brought this project in already chopped with the frame done. Unfortunately, most of the work done previously had to be re-done. We replaced the Mustang 2 setup in the front and dialed in the suspension, remade the trunk and rear wheel wells, restored all of the rusted out panels on the lower end and then, with the foundation firm, re-did the back of the chop. We made new sail panels and ditched the sunken stock glass for a 51 Plymouth’s. AccuAir eXo Mount will take care of the air ride control. There will be a lot more massaging in store for the body, so check back often.  
49 AD Series Truck / Doug Pool Doug, like many people, wants the best of both worlds. He came to us because he knew we could create a truck for him that had that timeless traditional style but with the solid foundation to start, run, and drive like a new truck. Our design did better than that. We teamed up with Roadster Shop to put into use their new chassis using the iCON front suspension and four-link rear, all fully adjustable. For the powerplant, Turn Key Engine Supply provided the 450hp LS Motor mated to a 4L65E overdrive transmission. With the truck riding low and the hood closed, you will see a mildly modified and refined traditionally styled truck with a look that will still look cool 10-20 years from now. Fit and finish is a must with this project, every inch of this truck is being dialed in with perfect gaps going further than the factory ever did. Not over the top but just the right amount of custom where it counts.
This sweet '51 Mercury was built in the shop by the Speed Shop crew.
We’ve been fabricating the inner fenders for a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what will be surrounding the Lincoln V-12 that is soon to call this engine compartment home.
This is how we do it. More updates on Billy’s ‘36 Ford coming soon!
This ‘56 Caddy is for our good friend Mike Eldred of Fender Custom Shop. It’ll sit low and be ready to cruise to any of his upcoming shows. More updates on the way. In the mean time, check out Mike’s band, the Mike Eldred Trio.
Jeff has been hard at work on the floors and trunk of Phil Sousa’s ‘32 Ford Coupe. At this rate, this hot rod will be on the streets in no time!
Steve brought his Model A coupe down to Austin from Minnesota to have us build him a traditional 1932 Ford hot rod chassis. In addition to the chassis we made floors, mounted the body on the frame, and mounted his beautifully polished flathead engine in it’s new home.
We’ve been building a 1966 Ford Thunderbird for the last few months. It’s being painted by HotDog at the moment and will be back at the shop in a little over a week. Full story to come soon. Make sure to check out all the pics.
This 1960 Cadillac has lead an interesting life. It was the car in the 2003 Robert Duvall & Michael Caine movie Second Hand Lions. It came to the Austin Speed Shop for an upholstery job, but once it arrived the owner decided to go ahead and redo the car.
Project Replica Mini Cooper
When’s the last time you saw a custom Lincoln Cosmopolitan? No, this is not the baby Lincoln that is the size of a full size Mercury, this is the big boy. This was Lincoln’s premier luxury car of the day.
About 2 months ago Maggi Savo called the shop and said, ” I wanna get my fiance, Nick, a new frame for his hotrod as a wedding gift”. Nick is a good friend of ours and we were blown away. We instantly knew that he was marrying the right girl…..she’s a KEEPER…..coolest wife ever?
A few months back Kevin Silva brought his 34 Ford Coupe to us to have the top chopped. He wanted “2.5″ inches taken out of the roof in order to maintain the proportions of the car. The rear quarter windows on these 5-window coupes can be a challenge…..they often look too small and ill proportioned once chopped. We’re very pleased with the result…….
The Austin Speed Shop brought the newly finished ‘55 Chevrolet to Salina,KS for the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular. It was an awesome show, with tons of great Hot Rods and Customs. The ‘55 Chevy came away with its first awards…Best Paint and a Top 25 Pick. Epic!